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Lakeside Junior High
Lakeside Junior High 2 days ago

Click here for the Learning Model Survey (how many days per week your child is attending school):

Springdale School District
Springdale School District 3 days ago

Please join Kevin Conkin, Co-Director of Transportation, about Bus and Transportation Back to School information.

Topics include:
-Routes & Times
-Disinfecting Busses
-Expectations for Bus Riders
and more

Chelsea Jennings
Chelsea Jennings 8 days ago

Parents: Does your child need a Chromebook to use at school and home? The linked digital AUA form must be completed for a laptop to be issued to your child. If you complete this form early, Lakeside can issue a Chromebook as soon as the first day of school.

Padres: ¿Necesita su hijo una Chromebook para usar en la escuela y el hogar? El siguiente formulario digital de AUA debe completarse para que se le entregue una computadora portátil a su hijo. Si completa este formulario temprano, podemos emitir el Chromebook tan pronto como el primer día de clases.

Lakeside Junior High
Lakeside Junior High 10 days ago

Hello Lakeside parents, If you have not already completed the Learning Model Survey to indicate if your students will be at school on the 5-day, 3-day, 2-day or all virtual option, please complete this survey by August 5th. You can access the survey on our webpage, and scroll down under the Live Feed section. There is a letter attached that explains all of the options in detail.



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