Our History

Harp Elementary School opened its doors in 2002 under the outstanding leadership of Principal Linda Childers Knapp. Mrs. Knapp served as principal from 2002-2011. Upon Mrs. Knapp’s retirement, Mrs. Allison Strange became the principal.

The name of Harp Elementary School honors Gerald and Vicki Harp and family. The Harp family has been a presence in our community since the 1950s, when the first Harps Grocery opened in Springdale. The Harp family has always been a partner with Harp Elementary School, as well as partnering with our entire school district. They have provided support by mentoring, participating in special projects (Career Fair, Angel Tree, etc.). They have provided financial support for our entire school district over the years.

Photo of the Harp Elementary School.

Again, at Harp Elementary and throughout our district their support of student learning and achievement has been evident. The Harp family continues to serve as role models for giving back to our community. The Harp family not only donated the land for Harp Elementary School, they also provided playground equipment for both playgrounds. Our playgrounds continue to serve our student population, and provide a healthy, safe place to play outdoors. The playgrounds were a surprise gift to our school that arrived following a brief conversation Mr. Gerald Harp had with a first grade Harp Hawk after our grand opening celebration in 2002. Mr. Harp asked the young gentleman what he thought of his new school. Out of the mouths of babes…our young gentleman replied, “My mom says it’s a state of the art school, but I don’t see how because we don’t even have a playground.” We received a phone call the next day from a representative for the Harp family telling us to get the playground equipment ordered, and send the bill to Mr. Harp. Today, that story remains a “WOW” moment in the history of our school.

The Harp family continues to support our vision and give meaning to our message. We Teach Them ALL…Learning for ALL…ALL Achieve. At Harp Elementary School, we’re in the business of caring for our children, and ALL means ALL.