Our Programs

Family Literacy



This is our student leadership council. There are approximately 25-30 4th and 5th grade students representing our school community. These students take the lead with service learning and volunteer opportunities to serve our school community, as well as the community at large.

Drum Line -

The Harp Hawk Drumline is composed of approximately 10-12 students in 2nd through 5th grade. The Drumline performs at school and district events. Membership requires students show responsibility in attending weekly practices and are positive role models in our school community. 

Garden Club -

our Harp Garden Club program runs year around so depending on the weather, we are playing in the dirt, learning how to care for our environment and also harvesting the goods from the garden. When we aren't gardening, we are cooking in the classroom and talking about care for the planet and care for ourselves.

Tech Crew - 

Spirit Squad - 

Spirit squad is a group of 20-30 students grades K-5. Spirit squad performs at 4 success assemblies throughout the year. We host one success assembly per quarter. Each assembly is led by spirit squad members and focuses on promoting student success at Harp. Spirit squad members are responsible for promoting school spirit and being positive role models. 

Men of Harp -

Men of Harp is a program for 5th grade boys. The program is composed of lessons that include how to be a gentlemen, leadership skills, table etiquette, how to respect women and how to properly shake a hand and tie a tie. This program promotes good manners and being a leader in the school community as well as at home. 

Yearbook Crew -